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Guitar Repair

Guitar Repair West Tennessee - Jackson, TNPM Music is very proud to have Butch Glover doing our guitar repair. He is THE BEST! If your guitar has a problem or you feel it could play better Butch is your man. Butch is a Jackson, Tennessee native and has been repairing and restoring guitars and other string instruments since 1981. He taught guitar and bass for a number of years before entering into the repair field.

Drop your guitar by PM Music and Butch will pick it up and have you an estimate, usually within 24 hours.  Most repairs, including major ones, are completed within 48 to 72 hours.

Repair Prices 

Planning/Dress (Rosewood) F.B. $45.95
(Maple) F.B. $51.95
Reseating Fret w/planing $69.95
Rosewood w/o binding $11.50 ea
Rosewood with binding $16.50 ea
Maple F.B $ EST.
Dress Ends & Crown $45.50
Fingerboard reconditioning $28.95 & up

Complete Set-Up
Electrics Guitars and Basses $89.95
Dress Frets
Adjust Neck
File nut action
Adjust bridge contour
Adjust bridge vertical action
Adjust intonation
Install strings (strings not included)
Acoustics Guitars & Mandolins $74.95
Dress Frets
Adjust Neck
File nut action
Adjust bridge contour
Adjust bridge vertical action
Install strings (strings not included)

Nuts & Saddles
Nut Replacement (bone) $39.95
(other) $17.50 & up
Nut adjustments $16.95
Saddle Replacement (bone) $23.50
(other) $11.50 & up

Machines; Tuners
Direct Replacement $23.50
With reaming or drilling $29.95 & up

Martin Style $199.95
Gibson Style $259.95
Re-glue Headstocks $86.50 & up
Re-glue Fingerboard $49.95 & up
Plan Fingerboard $29.95 & up
Fill Fingerboard $ EST.
Replace Truss-rod $229.95 & up
Inlays $ EST.

Complete replacement
Martin Style $89.95 & up
Gibson Style $99.95 & up
Remove and Re-glue Bridge $69.95 & up
Convert to Non-adjustable $79.95 & up
Bridge thinning $89.00 & up
Bridge-plate replacement $125.00 & up
Convert to Left-handed $45.00 & up
Convert 12-string $69.95

Cleating (per split) $59.95
Re-glue Braces $39.95 each
Remove and Replace Braces $59.95 & up
Dings and Scratches $ EST.
Cracks & Major Damage $ EST.

Re-glue (teardrop) $33.95 & up
Replace (teardrop) $63.95 & up
Other Styles $ EST.

Re-glue $ Time EST.
Replace $ Time EST.

Acoustics Pickups Thin-line $39.95 & up
Replace Pickups Direct $23.95
Replace Pots, Switches $13.95 & up
Routing for pickups $59.95 & up

*Change strings every 20 hours of playing time for best results. Having your hands washed and fingerboard cleaned extends the life of the strings.
**Proper string installation has more bearing on tuning than the string brand.
***All Guitars and Basses should have a complete “checkup” at least (3) three times per year.

All repairs have a limited warranty depending on the nature of the repair.
Our Scope of guitar repair is not limited to the above list.
If you have questions please call for consultation.
Prices subject to change.

5/2004 revised


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